Trust Training

trust training


A Field Manual for Confident Trust in God Before, During and After Life’s Battles

If you want a book on how to trust God by passively sitting around looking saintly, Trust Training is NOT for you. But if you’re up to your eyeballs in alligators and want strong tools and practical help to face overwhelming challenges and day to day struggles, this book is a must read. Trust Training gives step by step help to face a wide variety of life challenges with a confident and active trust in the God who wants to “train our arm for battle.” It makes the case that trust in God doesn’t always look the same. It varies by situation, and shifts focus within the cycle of longer struggles. Trust Training is especially helpful for wounded people who are still wobbly about the whole idea of trusting anyone, let alone God.

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Trust Training Leader’s Guide

(16 pages) Even if you aren’t planning to lead a group through the Trust Training Bible Study, you might enjoy the material in this PDF document. It features handouts Dionne created for use in the study, added suggestions to help do the assignment in Chapter 4, and a plan of action for how to maximize the material in the Trust Training book. Group study leaders will appreciate the suggestions on how to cultivate trust within the group (so essential before people feel safe enough to talk about their trust issues) and how to handle non-stop talkers with grace and kindness. If you’d like a copy, please email me and I will send it to you within 24 hours, give or take.

How to Crash: Navigating the process of recovery “After the Battle” with and without a trust connection to God.

This 30-minute YouTube™ video presentation by Dionne introduces the unit on “After the Battle” for Chapter 14. In it she analyzes the typical emotional crash with humor and insight. Before learning Trust Training lessons, a crash left behind shame, doubts, bitterness and emotional baggage. But learning how to let God into our story – even during an emotional crash when we’re running on empty – leads to rest, comfort, closure and a deeper personal relationship with God.

How to Crash: Video