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Creating Space for the Healing Voice of Jesus to End the Torment of Self-Loathing

People who have suffered devastating trauma or abuse, especially in their childhood years, may find it especially difficult to shed a mindset of vicious self-loathing. The shallow fluffiness of most contemporary self-esteem solutions does not satisfy our longing for true wholeness. Drawing from personal experience and from her training in Christian healing prayer, the author explores seven varieties of self-loathing and suggests for each a strategic shift of effort that makes us more receptive to transformative healing truth and the blessing of a kinder, gentler self-image.

We break free from the torment of self-loathing to the degree that we learn to humbly but confidently see ourselves the way God sees us. Prayer is a vital part of this process, allowing His voice to heal our emotional pain and redefine our identity. This book also explores the tendency of some to cling to self-loathing because its caustic energy motivates their journey to wholeness. It offers better and more truth-based alternatives as one part of a many-pronged approach to emotional and spiritual healing.

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