About Me

Almost everything I write or do professionally has something to do with helping people process the angst-filled parts of their story and rebuild trust in God so people can walk in the peace of Christ. My journey to learn how to trust God began in a painful childhood and extended through almost forty years of Christian ministry as a church planter, missionary and pastor’s wife. It is such a pleasure these days to enjoy the presence of God and to worship Him, beholding His beauty.

I’ve been married to the love of my life for more than 40 years now. Jim is the senior pastor of Bonita Valley Baptist Church in San Diego, CA, a church we absolutely love. I have an active ministry of personal counseling and healing prayer specializing in emotional healing for traumatic memories. I’m the author of two books. I am available for the occasional speaking engagements, and enjoy conducting prayer retreats in addition to regular women’s retreats.

My life is sweet these days, enjoying our grandkids, precious friends and our golden retriever. Jim and I are accidental but enthusiastic beekeepers and I’m a weaver and cross-stitch hobbyist in my spare time.

1111A2As to training, in addition to the school of hard knocks and the life lessons that come from being a pastor’s wife forever, along the way I got my BA in history from the University of Denver; a Diploma in Biblical Counseling from the American Association of Christian Counselors (aacc.net), of which I am a member; seven years in training and then as trainer learning how to do mainly the Theophostic Prayer modality and the informal but invaluable mentorship of Dennis Harris, MFT. Life-long learning is a high value of mine and I’m enjoying my current project of earning CISM certification for crisis counseling with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (www.icisf.org).


Oh, and did I mention that I hate to wear shoes?