Welcome to Wild Socks Press, the home base for the writings and the healing prayer ministry of Dionne Carpenter. No matter why you’ve landed here, I wish God’s peace to you! This site is organized very simply.

Click on the flower button if you’d like more information about receiving Healing Prayer, including how to schedule an appointment with me. That will get you started.

You may have already read the Trust Training book in the past few years or attended a Bible study that went through it together. Wild Socks Press books are all available on Amazon now, in paperback and Kindle format, but I know you’ll enjoy the new Leader’s Guide and other resources – available only here – that will enhance your individual or group study. I’ve been amazed to see enthusiastic TT veterans go through this study more than once and am so happy to share these new resources which will make your experience together even richer.

I’m very excited about my new book, Trading Voices, written to encourage people struggling to recover from emotional trauma and to find a kinder, gentler self image. And check out the “Other Helps” link while you’re here. I’m happy to finally have a place to showcase some cool resources you may find helpful on your spiritual journey.

Blessings on your head!